translated from Spanish: Andrea Legarreta’s ex-boyfriend who had her crazy turn with love

One of the most popular drivers in Mexico is undoubtedly Andrea Legarreta and is that several years support the host driver of the Program Hoy, who have seen her grow on the small screen since its inception. But many have always been curious to know who the men have been in the presenter’s life and although she has always kept her love life very private, a few years ago she spoke of some of her boyfriends one of them was Andrés Bonfiglio.

Andrea’s ex-boyfriend was part of the youth group Strawinus with Cream, which had great success in the 1980s, but in 1988 decided to leave the band to devote himself to other projects, but during his time as a singer he came out for a year with the famous.

Some appearances of the actor have been in As the saying goes, he is also a producer of theater since his childhood he fell in love with the show business, because he is the son of the legendary actress María Eugenia Ríos who has made extraordinary films.
And it is the same Andrea who released the information for the program La Saga, where she pointed out that the father of her daughters Erik Rubín is the true love of her life for what she feels full and happy to have him by her side , since it has shown the love that you have on social networks.

It is worth mentioning that the famous has always reiterated the love she has for her family because she takes advantage of every moment to let the world know how in love she is with them, although she does not give many details because she is also a jealous woman.

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