translated from Spanish: INDH appreciates that CDE complains about the case of Alex Núñez, the worker of Maipú who died after beating of Carabineros

The National Institute for Human Rights (INDH) appreciated the decision taken by the State Defence Council (CDE) which decided to complain about the death of the electric worker Alex Núñez, who died following a goal Piza in the skull and thorax by Carabineros after a protest in the vicinity of the El Sol Metro station in the commune of Maipú, amid the social outburst.
Pablo Rivera, inDH’s strategic litigation coordinator, stressed that with this decision of the EDC the State of Chile takes an important step in terms of «its obligation to investigate and sanction serious human rights violations and we understand that this is a path that must continue on the part of the state agencies, complaining in a case that was initiated by the legal action brought by the National Institute of Human Rights.» Alex Núñez was protesting at the exit of the station on October 20, 2019, already initiated a curfew, when the police force arrived, so he and his wife escaped, being wounded by a projectile in the foot. As he fell to the ground, the policemen punched him in the head and body, dying in the early morning in the former Central Posta.
Rivera recalled that Alex Núñez was transferred to the care compound, where he died the same day that the director of that care center did not allow the entry of officials of the National Institute of Human Rights.
For this reason, Rivera noted, «THE INDH brought an appeal and the product of that legal action is that Judge Daniel Urrutia allowed indh officials to enter the health premises to gather information on injured persons during that day.»
«After that we were able to gather more background, but there was a window of time – from when we learned about the case at noon until night – where we had no further information. Even Judge Urrutia and the director of the Institute (Sergio Micco) had to go to the Central Posta that morning in order to comply with the legal mandate of the INDH,» stressed Pablo Rivera.
The death of Alex Núñez is one of five cases of deceased persons at the hands of state agents in the context of the protests that began on 18 October and for which the INDH has filed criminal complaints.

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