translated from Spanish: A subject is badly injured when he is shot in Gámbara, Michoacán

Múgica, Michoacán.- A man was seriously injured by being shot dead in the town of Gámbara, belonging to this municipality of Múgica, after which he was quickly channeled to a hospital in the city of Nueva Italia, head of this demarcation, where was hospitalized, according to information obtained by this news agency.
With regard to the matter, it was known that the event was recorded in the streets of the town in reference and until then came local first responders who provided the first aid to whom he was identified as Roberto L., 42 years old, neighbor of the New Italy.
The affected person was taken to a local nosocomio and ended up in boarding school, being considered his state of health as delicate, commented on sources close to the subject. The elements of Public Safety made several patrols, but at the end of the tours there were no links related to the case, they required official contacts.
The respective research folder was initiated by the staff of the Apatzingán Regional Prosecutor’s Office with the aim of clarifying what happened. The guardians reminded the general public that any emergency situation immediately reports it to the phone number 911 so that there is immediate attention from the rescue corporations and police.

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