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Mexico City. – The well-known program Sale el Sol and the «Doctor» Isabel Cortés is in the eye of the storm after he gave some absurd recommendations on how to cure a diabetic foot using sugar.
The «doctor» was invited to the show Sale the Sun where she showed how to treat a diabetic foot a diabetic foot. Starting by cleaning the open wound and exposed to infections using antibiotic spray, the problem began when he recommended using sugar arguing that it was responsible for feeding, distracting, eliminating and dehydrating bacteria.

On social media she was harshly criticized both she and the program for making such a recommendation, people were warned not to listen to the recommendations said in the video since such superficial wounds are very delicate, even the intervention of the Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Risks (Cofepris) was requested.
«If you came to watch the show Sale el Sol in which fans of Isabel Cortés gives an absurd «tutorial» of how to cure a diabetic foot. Please ignore it, never and nowhere is the use of sugar scientifically supported to heal a wound and less a high-complexity injury such as a diabetic foot. In the telenovelesque style they break with all the security measures to carry out a procedure and also misinform society. We demand that @imss_mx and @cofepris be able to take matters as soon as possible. Devaluing the work of a healthcare professional we cannot move forward,» reads in the post of a Facebook page called Claro I love physiotherapy.

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