translated from Spanish: Senate advances bill that places limits on re-election of authorities: it will have retroactive effect

Finally, the Senate Constitution Committee approved the Constitutional Reform bill that puts limits on re-election, which will take retroactive effect, i.e. it will include the current authorities.
The draft now being circulated in senate room provides for the reposting of senators for only one occasion, and the re-election of deputies, mayors, councillors and regional councillors up to two occasions.
On the occasion, DC Senator Francisco Huenchumilla justified the importance of this reform: “We have a questioning of the people to the parliamentarians and the political system, where they tell us that we have to air the system (…) today we have passed a draft constitutional reform that limits re-election, and which also counts past periods, that is, has retroactive effect.”
“It seems to me that this is a breakthrough, so that this can mean a replacement of Parliament, new faces will come. And those who have served three terms of deputies or two term of senators simply cannot go to re-election. So it seems to me that this is a good sign, in the direction of having a political system that allows for a recycling of people who are in politics,” he said.
The chairman of the Constitution Commission, Felipe Harboe (PPD), argued, for his part, that “this is a triumph of the street. When you look at the polls, the first citizen demands are, among others, the limit to the re-election of parliamentarians.”
“It is a very important triumph and we hope that the Senate chamber will ratify this. It is now that it is necessary to vote and not just speak. Here we need the decision of senators to pass the re-election limit,” he said.
Harboe explained that the retroactive effect will mean that “all periods are going to be counted backwards; of senators, deputies, mayors, councillors and regional councillors. Because the idea is the renewal of politics. We want politics to be annoyed.”

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