translated from Spanish: When no one believes or supports you: CEP poll has been a historic slump of support and confidence in the Piñera government

The worst nightmare satin for the government of Sebastián Piñera came true on Thursday with the numbers from the Survey of the Center for Public Studies (CEP) that revealed that the President gets just a pass (e) 6% and a rejection of 82%, in a measurement that took the temperature to the reaction of the Executive and all political actors during the social outburst.
This is a historical record, because Piñera not only falls 19 points from the previous measurement, but represents the worst result of a President in the trajectory of the survey.
The measurement applied between November 28 and January 6, at full social outburst, further reveals that citizens strongly prosecute the performance of the Government and all actors during the crisis, because 80% say that Congress was not up to the task and 72% were not up to the task negatively qualifies the opposition. At the time, people continue to validate the social demonstration three months after the outbreak and there is also a majority endorsement of the new Constitution.
In constitutional matters, three months after the plebiscite, 67% approve a new Magna Carta 13% reject and 20% do not yet know. 44% believe that the best mechanism is a Constituent Convention, 37% are leaning towards a Joint Convention and 19% is not yet defined.
As for the expectations of the new Constitution, 56% believe it will help solve the country’s problems. 25% of respondents believe that a new Constitution will leave things the same with regard to the country’s situation. 6% believe it will probably get worse.
Social outburst
The survey revealed a worrying deterioration in economic perceptions. 56% rate the current situation as bad or very bad, the highest in the last 14 years. This is complemented by the data that 61% believe that “Chile is still” at the moment.
In parallel, the survey revealed an abrupt drop in confidence in all institutions. Carabineros has a 20% collapse, and the government has just 5%. Congress, 3% and political parties score 2%, guarismos that are within the margin of error so Ricardo González asserted that “no one trusts the political parties or the Congress”.
In the section on the social outburst, the CEP survey reveals that 55% of respondents support the demonstrations. 11% reject them and 10% who initially supported today are against it.
Income inequality (38%), low pensions (16%) and the high cost of living (16%) are the main reasons for the mobilizations according to respondents at the CEP
In addition, 64% believe Carabineros has frequently violated human rights during the social outburst. 81% never justify Carabinieri firing rubber balines or pellets to control violence at the march. 7% always justify it and 11% sometimes justify it.
As for the Metro fires, 19% of CEP respondents believe that the leaders are Chilean political organizations, 18% attribute it to people tired of abuse and inequality, 12% believe that the lumpen and the same 12% points to “minority groups and radicalized.” In the afterssays, 20% attribute it to criminals, 14% to the lumpen and 6% to foreigners.
Regarding participation in the mobilizations, 27% of respondents said they had attended a march and 31% did so by touching a saucepan. 59% justify marching in protest.
As for emotions, the survey revealed that “the perception of anger rises over time,” Ricardo González noted. During the start of the social outburst in October, 46% felt angry, 35% frightened and 37% hopeful about the situation in the country. Today, 50% feel angry, 31% frightened and 34% expected about the situation in the country after the social outburst.
Regarding participation in the mobilizations, 27% of respondents said they had attended a march and 31% did so by touching a saucepan.

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