translated from Spanish: Blumel after 6% at the CEP: «Polls do not determine the legitimacy of governments»

The Minister of the Interior, Gonzalo Blumel, referred in conversation with Duna radio to the CEP Survey, which gave a 6% support to the management of President Piñera, and marked a casualty in the evaluation of all political figures and institutions.
Blumel said that after the results, «no one can draw happy accounts» and called the situation «the deepest social crisis in the country at least since the return of democracy.»
«Congress has 3% approval and political parties 2%. If this is a general problem. I don’t mean that ‘bad of many, comfort of fools’, but here no one has to scather their responsibility,» the interior minister said.
On support for President Piñera and questions about the government’s legitimacy, Blumel argued that «the polls do not determine the legitimacy of governments. Governments have their legitimacy on the basis of a popular mandate with elections held every four years, and that is ultimately what delegates power by the public to the authorities.»
«The people who raise that, besides being voices that show very undemocratic convictions, are voices that we have to isolate. Because such approaches are absolutely unacceptable,» the secretary of state said.

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