translated from Spanish: Enade: with two versions, no Pinion and more security

It was suspended at the end of 2019 after the social outburst, but this 29 January and with a second version on March 26, the Enade was finally held. Thus, the traditional business meeting will have two days: the end of month christened “Economy+politics: the beginning” and the March call will be called “Second call: the new connection”.
To the January appointment, which will be held in Casa Piedra. the President, Sebastián Piñera, will not attend, as the Representatives usually stipulate for this business summit and therefore the Government will be represented at the Enade by the Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, and his interior pair, Gonzalo Blumel, who will exhibit separately during the day of the 29th. In addition to them, the Minister of Social Development, Sebastián Sichel, will participate in one of the multiple working meetings that will be held at lunchtime.
According to the organization, this year there will be a different protocol for the press that will cover the event, which includes the decision that “graphic reporters will not be able to take photos in front of the stage during the sessions”, because it was resolved to install “a team of guarding front perimeter.” The decision would be aimed at trying to avoid any risk to the authorities and exhibitors being the subject of some kind of demonstration against it.
Enade’s second call for March 26, the organization explained, will focus on “the new connection of the company with society, where listening, dialogue, collaboration and genuine interest in doing things right, will mark a new agenda for the business community.” They added that under a novel format, the business summit will seek to provide “an attractive space for conversation and social dialogue where various social actors share their vision of the company, their contribution and challenges within the framework of a society in full evolution.”
From Enade they emphasized that this experience is “necessary to connect with the new reality and confront the purpose of the company with multiple stakeholders and their expectations. Together with offering an interesting connection strategy through successive collaborative links, it provides the eye of leading international experts on the central themes of this cultural transformation process that will allow the Chilean company to build reality and provide concrete solutions to the main problems that affect us.”

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