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Mexico.- The presidential plane that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has refused to use for his official travelons on the grounds that it is a luxury aircraft and that there should be no “rich government with poor people”. On June 12, 2019, the price of tp-01 was $150 million, according to the UN appraisal, which is involved in the sale of the aircraft. It originally cost $218 million (2.9 billion pesos). After being sheltered in the United States, additional costs were incurred, so at the end of 2019, “more interest has already been spent on debt payment plus interest 1833 million pesos and there is a repayment remaining at 2027 of 2,724 million pesos” , according to AMLO.How much does the presidential plane currently cost?
By 2020 and failing to sell the air vehicle, the current appraisal is $130 million, and the nearest existing offer is currently $125 million. However, the representative has presented 4 more options for sale. One of the possible ways to alienate from the proposed iron bird is to make a 500-peso raffla for tickets, with more than 6 million participating puppies. Since 2018 the promise of its sale has gone through covering the area of migration, employment and welfare, as well as for water in Hidalgo. The Federal Government is now seeking to finance the health sector by selling it. Since the arrival of López Obrador to the presidency, the presidential plane had remained in Victorville, United States for maintenance and preservation which has generated costs. That’s why the celestial ship was returned to Mexico.Until the moment the aircraft managed to capture the attention of 14 countries have been interested in making the purchase, as well as several individuals as a South Korean CEO of Cerritos Holdings who has sought to buy it in cash. López Obrador had said he would not use the millionaire plane so as not to offend his people. Acquired in the administration of Felipe Calderón, it was received in the government of Enrique Peña Nieto, and the costs of its use were very high. The Morenist representative came to

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