translated from Spanish: Fishermen and traceability: an alternative to winning fair prices

Sernapesca together with Shellcatch launched the pilot traceability initiative that includes marketing fresh seafood with origin labeling, which allows consumers to receive products from and verify the legality and sustainability of the fishing and buying and selling process.
The activity carried out in the restaurant «La Perla del Pacifico», which has the participation of artisan albyss fishermen of the coves La Barra and Lebu, is part of a pioneering group of fishermen committed to the sustainability of artisanal fishing.
The fishermen of the Caleta de la Barra, located at the mouth of the Toltén River, region of La Araucanía, catch the valuable Chinook salmon, a species that develops in freedom with natural food and free of antibiotics.
For their part, the fishermen of the Port Of Artisan of Lebu, in the Bío Bío region, fish the appreciated reineta that is normally distributed throughout the country through intermediaries. Experience is a step forward in the initiatives promoted by Sernapesca with a view to incorporating technology with public value to give traceability and traceability to artisanal fishing.
In both initiatives, fishermen carry out their extraction work supported by the e-Reporting system that allows to track fishing activity using mobile applications. Participating fishermen have installed cameras on their boats that record their movements and fishing gear, using the e-Reporting app to make their landing statement online with Sernapesca systems.
Smart tagging
In addition, an intelligent tagging system has been incorporated from the moment of disembarkation that, by means of a QR code, allows to scan the images and information of the species captured, the fisherman, the route and the fishing process, indicating who captured the product, when and where.
With a simple click on the mobile phone, tagged resources can be tracked via mobile apps and know where the disembarkation occurred, the places of transfer or storage and who transported them to their destination, providing transparency and security regarding the origin and distribution chain of marketed resources.
Alongside the above, fishermen are exploring the use of e-commerce, through the Fresh Fisheries app, which aims to facilitate the sale and sale of fresh seafood, eliminating or shortening the chain of intermediaries between the fisherman and the end-consumer.
«This program, powered by Sernapesca, has been implemented by Shellcatch, an international company that has been a supplier and enforcer of the technological solutions applied, managing to generate sustainable fishing, away from illegality and supporting the fisherman in all the time. Within the activity, we can see how the system changed the way we fish and buy fish in our country. In addition to delivering a powerful solution for the entire chain that exists within the sea», says Alfredo Sfeir, Ceo of Shellcatch.
Thanks to this initiative, progress is made in a new way of operating with artisanal fisheries, promoting legal compliance, the efficient commercialization of fresh resources and generating clear messages to citizens, promoting active commitment to legality and sustainability of artisanal fisheries.

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