translated from Spanish: Maipú doctor reported being fired for avoiding the death of a street patient

According to La Voz de Maipú the Second Court of Letters of Labor in Santiago sanctioned the Hospital El Carmen for the unjustified dismissal, forcing the payment of compensation among other corresponding items against Dr. César Salazar Schneider qui qui in claiming to have been disengaged from the emergency department of El Carmen Hospital after refusing to follow the order of his superior, Dr. Ruth Leiva, which limited the management and medical care for a woman in street situation and who, if assumed, would have resulted in death of the patient. Salazar, denounced the unjustified dismissal of Comptroller and filed a lawsuit against Dr. Leiva and the director of the Hospital, Dr. Juan Kher for «guardianship of violation of fundamental rights and unjustified dismissal», winning the latter aspect in the Second Court of Letters of Labor in Santiago.In addition both doctors, Leiva and Kher, were reported to the Court of Ethics of the Medical College, to which they have not been presented on two occasions. Regarding the controversial event, Dr. Salazar, according to the medium, reports that she has noticed that a patient was in serious respiratory problems, but had not been referred to the critical unit for people at vital risk. When she asked the nurse present why she was not being provided with the required emergency care, she replied that the doctor on duty at the UCP would have left instructions for «skipping the stabilizing procedure and waiting for her death.» It should be noted that the woman in question was a frequent patient of the hospital, and known to Dr. Salazar, who was aware that he was a person in a street situation, without family networks and diagnosed with drug polyconsumption. Thus, according to the account, Salazar would have disobeyed the mandate and ordered the transfer of the woman to the emergency room known as the «reanimator», where he eventually managed to stabilize it. Following the success of the intervention, the Critical Patients Unit (UCP) was contacted to request a bed for the woman in question, but this request would have been denied by the same doctor.

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