translated from Spanish: Private builds on New Horizon Street, in Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Residents of the Nuevo Horizonte colony, at the exit of the city of Los Mochis, reported that for more than 15 days an extension of a house is being built on Taxtes Street and that in the same road way fences have been placed to prevent the access to vehicles and pedestrians. The neighbours explained that this blockade has given them problems, because they have no longer been able to travel through this road and now they must surround the street to reach their homes.

«A relative came a week ago and the usual entrance is down that street and what a surprise it was when it was closed and closed, so it had to turn back and turn around,» said Martina Soto Carvajal.Start constructionThe neighbor of the colony explained that the street supposedly belongs to the ejido Mochis, so the owners decided to sell this road and many «buyers» have already started to build on what it is as it is their piece.» According to that piece it belongs to the ejido Mochis, so the owners sold and they began to build; this is the most advanced, they started to build another part of their house on the street itself. We, understood, that piece is a street. When we give the address we say that between Taxtes street and Monzón, which is the next one,» he said. For his part, Ernesto Chávez, inhabitant of this colony, indicated that it would not be fair for that street to disappear, when he has always been and that it is part of the painting of the colony.» That’s how they sold the houses with those plans, so it shouldn’t be built in that area. We were sold this house, showed the plans and that street was there, so I don’t know why they’re building in a place where it’s street and what benefits them in itself, I don’t know if they don’t think things through or what» Said. This media outlet sought out the owners of this construction and only said that the street belongs to the ejidatarios. 

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