translated from Spanish: The same: lawyers of the main defendants in Penta and SQM cases are now the defenders of Piñera and the Government

When things get tough or, something smells bad about the relationship between politics and the business world, the faces of defense lawyers often repeat theself.
Three months after the social outburst, the President, Sebastián Piñera faces a series of legal actions against him for his possible criminal responsibility for human rights violations that have occurred since October 18. And the government is trying to expedite criminal investigations against those accused of violent acts during the same period.
Within the team of lawyers, Piñera hired the services of lawyers Juan Domingo Acosta, Samuel Donoso and Jorge Bofill, the same lawyers who had important roles in the defenses of the main defendants in the bullish Penta and SQM cases, about illegal financing of politics.
Acosta, who already defended Piñera before the Chamber of Deputies in the constitutional accusation against him in December, was a representative of the family of Carlos Alberto Délano, controller of Penta and, also of the interests of Minera Dominga in the investigation against the former undersecretary, Pablo Wagner. Previously he had also been a lawyer of the Mandatario in the case for the insider trading of LAN shares, and in irregular business with Peruvian fishermen Exalmar.
For his part, it is the lawyer Samuel Donoso who currently leads the President’s defense for the complaint filed against him for violations of the DDs. HH, whose investigation is in the hands of valparaiso regional prosecutor Claudia Perivancich.
Donoso and prosecutor Perivancich are old acquaintances, as the prosecution is the prosecutor in the SQM case, where the lawyer has been the main face of the defense of former SQM general manager Pablo Contesse. Also Samuel Donoso was one of the lawyers for Aldo Motta, general manager of sQM’s so-called «Cascadas», recently acquitted of justice in the bulging «Cascadas» case.
Jorge Boffil, meanwhile, is part of the legal team of the Ministry of the Interior to file complaints by the Law on State Security against detainees in the context of the social outburst. Boffil had an outstanding participation in the Penta case, where the main defendants, Carlos Alberto Délano and Carlos Eugenio Lavín, ended up being condemned only to the controversial sanction of attending ethics classes.

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