translated from Spanish: They take the life of a policeman attached to Ayudantía, in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement they have reported that a ministerial policeman attached to the area of Ayudantía was shot dead as he left the restaurant-bar El Tren 2, located in the Chapultepec Oriente colony in this city of Morelia, according to the information provided to this media by police contacts.
In this sense, it was known that the event mobilized the police and rescue corporations to the scene: in Calle Alcázar de Chapultepec almost corner with Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas to attend the emergency.
Through the telephone number 911 the area’s neighbors reported to law enforcement representatives that several firearm detonations had been heard and a male person was lying in the vial in reference, stained with blood. Upon arrival, local paramedics confirmed the death of the later known Edgardo R., 39, a Ministerial Police officer commissioned to the Government House Help.
It also transpired that a woman accompanied the now-West, which was unharmed, to say from sources close to the matter that they discussed with this wording. Edgardo was not in office at the time of his murder, as he had a permit, which he applied for since 1 May last year.

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