translated from Spanish: Senate dispatched project for Armed Forces to protect infrastructure criticizes

This day the Senate Chamber approved the idea of legislating the project that regulates an Alert State which seeks that members of the Armed Forces can protect critical infrastructure in case there is a danger of being affected and prevented damage to basic elements such as water, electricity or access to health. The initiative was generally approved by 28 votes in favour, 12 against and one abstention. The Government’s draft has an urgency of immediate discussion and will then be voted on in the Chamber of Deputies. In this instance the upper house will go on to discuss and vote on the five indications in particular, the Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina referred to the approval of the project and stressed that the objective is that this law should be approached “in serious cases”. In addition, when consulted by the safeguard of the PSU surrender facilities, the Secretary of State clarified that “they are not part of the description of ‘critical infrastructure’, it is not a public utility service, but obviously the Armed Forces if tomorrow the president or the authorities would arrange for them to cooperate, as they do in many other activities, they could, but I understand that this is not raised by the Government.”

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