translated from Spanish: Sinaloa is a haven for day laborers seeking progress

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- Living conditions for people working in the field are difficult due to the high temperatures that exist in the agricultural area of Sinaloa, a climate to which they must be exposed to extract the daily sustenance of their family. Luis Alfredo Contreras Raudales, who for more than five years has been engaged in the work of the field, said that this work is very heavy, but he pointed out that what further reduces this burden is the know-how to work.
It comes from the state of Zacatecas, from a community called Calera, and lives in the Ramón López Velarde colony. To get to Sinaloa at work, where they were presented with the opportunity to work, you have to do a 12-hour tour.
I left my family in Zacatecas, my parents, my brothers and my wife, it’s very difficult, but we have to take out to eat.»

Since arriving here he has taken a room as his temporary home and from 6:00 a.m. they must leave their home to work and return until 20:00 hours a day. He pointed out that they are paid by harp, depending on what they make, is the payment they receive. The sun doesn’t come up when you have to start filling the onion swings, but you know that in the distance you expect it with daily sustenance, so you go out to work. If you do well you earn about a thousand pesos a day, and when it is quiet about 500 pesos. Guillermo Velázquez Martínez, for a long time that he had thought of having a better home, of having a safe job, because in his homeland Zacatecas at the moment did not have a job to be able to support himself. One day like any other they came and invited them from a group of acquaintances to work as day laborers in the state of Sinaloa and without thinking they accepted, because there are no job opportunities where they come from. They looked for a house to live in and are paying rent every month and all the members cooperate to cover this expense.Organized decided to hire a person to make them food but when they do not find they must go to eat at the stalls but this generates more expenses. He left his family behind so that he could send them the weight so they could have a slightly more dignified life. He detailed that this time they are working with the onion and take out about 20 arpillas daily but this because the product is not in very good condition. Your stay in the sinaloa agricultural fields is temporary because they are being changed to Los Mochis and elsewhere.

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