translated from Spanish: Authorities withhold 402 migrants who crossed Suchiate River

The National Institute of Migration (INM) reported that 402 migrants who crossed into Mexico via the Suchiate River on Monday.
«With regard to what happened this morning on Mexico’s border with Guatemala, the National Migration Institute (INM) reports that, about 500 foreign people of Central American origin, mostly from Honduras, entered in an irregular condition to Mexican territory when crossing the Suchiate River, irresponsibly motivated by its leaders and without considering the risks, which this involved, for girls, boys and adolescents,» the Institute said, in a statement.
«With support from the National Guard (GN), INM Federal Agents rescued 402 migrants who were transferred to the Institute’s facilities to provide them with housing and basic health, water and food services. There, their legal status will be determined and, if proceeding, their assisted return to the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, by aircraft of the GN, will be carried out in order to ensure conditions worthy of transfer and to favour women and minors. The rest will be returned by land in buses,» he added.
The immigration authority said that 58 other migrants «entered unsafe roads in the region’s jungle area,» so «elements of the INM Beta Groups are in search of them, in the face of the danger of remaining in that area.»
Another 40 migrants determined to return to the border with Guatemala.
This Monday the National Guard threw tear gas and stones to prevent hundreds of migrants from crossing from Guatemala into Mexico via the Suchiate River.

The migrants threw stones at the elements of the Guard, who responded equally. Security elements then launched tear gas from the international bridge to prevent migrants from advancing.
At least one young migrant was injured and transferred for medical care.
«Medical care has been provided to foreign nationals who have requested it, in their attempt to enter in an undocumented manner by the Suchiate River, as they had dehydration or some mild discomfort, such as headaches,» the Institute said of these events.
«As part of support and assistance to immigration verification activities, five elements of the National Guard were injured and treated in health centres of the entity.»
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