translated from Spanish: Her husband was unfaithful to her in the middle of the honeymoon with her mother-in-law

One young woman discovered that her husband was unfaithful to her mother in the middle of the honeymoon, so shortly after discovering it the couple broke up. In 2004 the couple against Paul and Lauren married at the age of 19, with her mother helping her with the preparations for her wedding, the young woman invited her to spend her honeymoon with her as a thank you.

It should be noted that the couple had lived together for a little over two years before they married, at which time they had a baby. Soon the things of returning from the trip, things changed, the husband began to change in his treatment, even constantly absent himself from his home and did not let anyone use his cell phone. The whole truth he discovered when one of Lauren’s sisters discovered that her mom and Paul exchanged love messages.

Within a few months the couple separated. Illustrative image. Photo: Pixanay

Upon knowing it, Lauren decided to confront her husband and mother, however, the two denied having a relationship, but a few days later, he moved into his mother-in-law’s house. After two months of marriage Lauren and Paul divorced. The woman narrated for The Sun that Paul always got along very well with Mom, so she never got weird, as she thought her husband was just being nice to his mother-in-law. When she believed the worst had passed, 9 months after the wedding trip Julie had a baby from Paul, so the woman found that the infidelity was precisely during the honeymoon. It should be noted that the facts were 15 years ago, it was until today that Lauren dared to speak of infidelity her husband and mother, with which she has had no contact since. 

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