translated from Spanish: Minister Ward called on House presidents and labour commission to «respect» schedule for pension reform

After this day the indications were entered to the pension reform project and its financial report, the Minister of the Segpres, Felipe Ward, called the President of the House, Iván Flores, and the head of the labour commission, Gael Ya omans, to «respect» the coronoframa agreed for processing. The secretary of government noted that «we hope and this is the call we make to parliamentarians, that this will result in a discussion that does not take so long.» A timetable that we have agreed with the Chamber of Deputies and the chair of the Labour Committee so that this week can be processed (the project) in the Committee of Labor and also in the Committee of Finance (…) so that it may go to the Chamber on January 29th this i niciative,» Ward added.In addition, the minister remarked that «I hope that is respected, I do not think it is possible for us to go to the legislative recess in February, without having complied with the schedule that was disclosed with the speaker of the House, I trust the speaker of the House and the chairwoman of the Labour Committee and I hope this will be dealt with in a way that is being voted on on Wednesday of next week.» In addition, he detailed that «The Labor Committee was cited by today at 5 p.m., the decision was taken on the morning to suspend this session and this session could have been held. I don’t want to make a value judgment or a criticism of the decision made by the chair of the committee, but the Minister of Labor was fully available to go and explain the content of the indications.» Today at 5 pm, the indications entered at that time, the financial report minutes later, that is, this commission could have been made,» he stressed. However, Ward stated that «beyond the decision to suspend, we expect the agreement to be honored, and tomorrow these indications will begin to be discussed in the Labour Committee so that within 48 hours (…) go to the Treasury commission.»

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