translated from Spanish: Son of Edwin Luna doesn’t want to see him because of Kimberly, says ex-wife

After seeing the publication in a magazine, where Edwin Luna comes out along with his son Alexander, the singer’s ex-wife, wanted to clarify the situation, assuring him that the little boy does not want to see his father, due to his new marriage. Erika, shared some videos on her Instagram account, ensuring that the publication of the magazine is a lie that things are okay between the vocalist of the ‘Trakalosa de Monterrey’ and his son Miguel Alexander.

Many say that one is rude, that one is a liar, that it is not true. I just saw this magazine and it goes out there and it says Miguel saw his dad. That everything is fine, that everything is normal, but it is a lie, he mentioned.

In one of the videos, Erika, says Edwin Luna was years old without seeing her son, and when he saw the magazine article he wanted to clarify the situation. 

After a few years of not seeing it; twice he saw it; one was in Monterrey and the other was in Acapulco and debut and farewell, says the ex-wife

He noted that the reason the child doesn’t want to see his dad is because he introduced him to his new wife (Kimberly Flores), while they had agreed that he would give a time before that happened. 
He also made it clear that the fact that the child doesn’t want to see his dad is not his fault, while showing the photo where Edwin Luna and his son are leaving. 


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