translated from Spanish: Teacher finds a pupil’s backpack in Chiapas

Tapachula, Chiapas.- A teacher, from federal high school number two, found a firearm hidden inside the backpack of one of the third graders. She was alerted to the matter by other students from the same institution. After being insigned, the teacher alerted the local administrative and academic staff to proceed with the confiscating peacefully. To do this, they called Ezequiel “N” to the address, under the pretext of giving him information about lack of documentation in his file.

The moment the teenager left, the teacher took the opportunity to inspect her backpack, where in addition to notebooks she found a 38-millimeter revolver without cartridges. Faced with the potential danger of this situation, 911 was called to request the intervention of elements of the Municipal Police, who transferred Ezequiel to the premises of the federal authorities. The young man’s companions stated that he carried the weapon “just to presume it” and that at no time did he use it to threaten anyone. They also emphasized the fact that he was not carrying cartridges, according to local media. However, it will be the authorities who carry out the relevant investigations in order to delineate responsibilities. It should be remembered that after a shooting in Torreón’s school, the topic of the backpack operation was returned to the discussion table, which will allow teachers to inspect the items that students take to educational institutions in order to prevent certain articles; however, this measure is seen by many as a transgression of the rights of minors.

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