translated from Spanish: The captains and technicians of Colo Colo and the “U” met in the final final of Copa Chile

The DT’s Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile, Mario Caputto and Mario Salas respectively, and their captains, Esteban Paredes and Matías Rodríguez, met in the final of the Copa Chile that will be played tomorrow at the ‘Germán Becker’ Stadium in Te mucus at 6:30 p.m. In press conference in the Region of La Araucanía, the ‘Commander’ Salas stated that “we have no defined equipment, will come with the activation of the morning because the time of the meeting with Catholic to this was very reduced. They’ll know minutes before the game.” The party with the U is different, the background is set aside and the story is useless. What has happened is on the side,” he added. For his part, Caputto stated that “every year they bring a lot of learning, reflection and after that a lot of analysis. With regard to the classic past, I think we are in a completely different scenario, it was a very even and played match at the time that Colo Colo won.” Albo captain Esteban Paredes noted that “we’re going to leave life on the court, we’ll give a new joy to the people of Colo Colo. We hope to rise to the match.” The “U” side Matías Rodríguez stated that “we have been planning this match with a lot of time. The defenders set out not to be unwell, because we know the quality of the strikers they have.” It’s a very important match for us. It’s the first of the year, so we take it very responsibly and we know that mentally we could use it to face what’s going to come from the year,” he concluded.

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