translated from Spanish: An injured man after a construction landslide

Guasave, Sinaloa.- The facts were recorded on Wednesday afternoon inside an abandoned construction on Cuauhtémoc street, between Norzagaray and Madero avenues, in the Centro colony, of this city. The affected person was identified as Cristian “N”, 27 years old, with address in this town.

Red Cross paramedics tending to the patient.

According to the information provided, the accident was recorded at around 12:40 hours, in which a landslide was made after a call for help was made to the emergency number, before which red cross paramedics were addressed to confirm what happened. Upon arrival the affected person lying on the ground with apparent pain on his left side and shortness of breath immediately helped him and transferred him to a local nosocomio for proper medical care.

It is worth mentioning that moments before the accident the affected person was making tasks of collapsing in said the roof of said construction, although due to the deterioration of the infrastructure of the place one of the roofs fell, causing the young man to result with multiple wounds on his left side, at chest height, to which he stated that he felt a lot of burning and numbness.

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