translated from Spanish: Child Advocate Calls ACES not to boycott PSU so that it surrenders “quietly”

This coming Monday and Tuesday, students who were unable to take the University Selection Test (PSU) for the CALL to Boycott of the ACES will have a new opportunity, an instance that is again on the lookout for the student rupation.
Demonstrations called for those two days again could leave students affected. That is why the Child Advocate Patricia Muñoz joined the calls for young people to respond to the test in peace. “What we do is a call to allow any young person to perform this process (…) in peace of mind,” Muñoz said in an interview with the newspaper El Mercurio.
In that regard, he called on the Government to ensure the normal development of the test: “That is the responsibility of the authorities to ensure it.”
As for the new calls to boycott, Muñoz stated that “we find it relevant that this organization (ACES) also cares about having the ability to allow any young person who wants to take the test, beyond the substantive questions that this instrument, you can actually give it.”
This Monday, Muñoz filed an appeal for protection by 21 minors who were unable to give the test: 14 because the right conditions were involved, four wanted to give the history test and three were excluded from the process for participating “allegedly in the boycott”.
Muñoz ruled out that there is an indirect defense to the spokesperson of ACES, Victor Chanfreau, through these resources, since the spokesmen are older and “we have no possibility of defending institutional actions in line with what the ACES has called to do”.

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