translated from Spanish: Give traveler recommendations to prevent Coronavirus infection

A series of recommendations for people travelling to the countries affected by the coronavirus delivered various health authorities this morning from Santiago airport.
The Metropolitan Health Seremi, Rosa Oyarce, explained that although there are no direct flights to China from our country, it is important to take into account a number of measures to prevent the contagion of people heading to those places.
“Fortunately we don’t have direct flights, so therefore we have a trip that is quite extensive to detect any situation,” Oyarce said of the possible arrival of someone infected in the country.
Among the recommendations for travelers is “do not go where there are crowds and areas where there are many dead animals, as it is believed that this virus was born in an area where there were dead fish and chickens”.
“The call is mainly to take care of yourself,” he explained. “It’s essential to wash your hands, if you’re going to cough, cover yourself with your forearm, get away from people who are coughing and wear masks in areas where the coronavirus is present,” he added.
In addition, the Seremi called for calm, as it assured that “those countries are in winter with temperatures ranging from 4 to 10 degrees”, very different from the current temperatures of our country.
He still argued that “we are prepared, we are in a position to be able to deal with such a situation”, even if it is difficult for the disease to reach the country.
Fernando Leanes, PAHO/WHO representative in Chile and present at the airport, stated that although human-to-human transmission would be limited, and that previously viruses originated in Asia such as SARS and MERS were not circulated in South American countries, it was found “that Chile is taking all the recommended measures to detect and contain any cases of this new coronavirus”.

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