translated from Spanish: In the face of the outbreak of the coronavirus Ministry of Health issues recommendations

Mexico.- After this morning the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that there were knowledge of two possible cases of coronavirus in Mexico, the Ministry of Health in our country issued some recommendations.
In Mexico it is recommended to:
1.Inform first-contact personnel in public and private medical units across the country regarding the New Coronavirus(2019-nCoV).
2.Ensure notification of suspicious cases through the Epidemiological and Health Intelligence Unit (UIES) by telephone 5337-1845o at 800 00 44 800y by post [email protected].
3.In addition, in the event of suspicious cases it is due to: •Perform the epidemiological case study.•Notify all suspicious cases to the mail [email protected] at the top immediate technical level. Suspicious case: Person of any age who has a fever, acute respiratory disease and who has a date of travel or stay in the city of Wuhanprovince of Hubei, China, or have been in contact with a confirmed case or a case under investigation up to 14 days before the onset of symptoms. Confirmed case:Person who meets the operational definition of suspicious case and has confirmatory diagnosis per laboratory issued by InDRE.*Note:Criteria are subject to change and will be updated according to the availability of additional information.
Epidemiological NoticeCONAVE /01/ 2020/2019-nCoV21 January 2020 •Strict isolation of suspicious cases. In hospital units it is recommended to use precautions based on the drop-by transmission mechanism.•Tracking of suspicious casesupto their final classification and identification of contacts.
4.Encourage compliance with epidemiological and laboratory diagnostic monitoring methodologies and procedures.
5.Actively participate in decision-making of prevention and control measures against suspicious cases.
6.Disseminate this information to all health units to guide the appropriate detection and management of possible cases and to the Jurisdictional and State Committees for Epidemiological Surveillance, as well as to the State or Regional Delegations of the Health Sector institutions.
Recommendations 1
Recommendations 2
Recommendations 3

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