translated from Spanish: Spotify launches new feature that lets you create pet playlists

The music streaming platform Spotify launched a new feature on its website to the public, which allows you to create a playlist for the pets in the house, called Spotify Pets. The function, which can be accessed from the website and that allows you to create a list especially for each pet and that reflects their personality.
Why create animal lists? Company numbers show that humans and pets are also related through music. 71% of pet owners play music for them, while four out of five believe they like it. Even more than half of the owners admit to dancing with their pets.

And how do you access it?
The steps are simple. Enter this link you will be asked about the type of animal you have (at the moment it has the option of birds, iguanas, hamsters, dogs and cats). Then ask for your personality and character: is it quiet or energetic? Friendly or shy? Curious or listless?

At the end, the page queries by the name and photo of the pet, with which Spotify will generate a list of songs that can be reviewed in the Playlist section, both in the web version and in the desktop or mobile application.

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