translated from Spanish: Ariel Holan said “the campus is not closed”

Catholic University will debut in the national tournament on Sunday, but it is not yet defined if Ariel Holan, his new DT, will request a new booster. This is confirmed by the Argentine himself. “The campus is not closed. Until the time the regulation authorizes to incorporate, we are always evaluating some final adjustment. We’ll see if the adjustment that might be presented we take it or not depending on the possibilities,” he said at a press conference That yes, he said he’s “very happy with the roster I have, I’d love for everyone to continue, but logically we know what it’s like in South America.” The strategist explained that it is difficult to keep the great figures in the casts. “Sometimes there are opportunities that arise for both the footballer and the club and I will not cut the race to anyone, but yes my desire and aspiration is to try to take advantage of all the work we did with the footballers who are in the club” Held. He was also consulted by Buonanotte, as the player was not cited for the semi-final of the Copa Chile against Colo Colo. “Diego is doing a physical job, not only the one that does the whole team but in turn is working very hard personally,” he said. I think as he gets his best condition to be fast, powerful, explosive, we’re going to see Diego’s best on court again. We hope he will regain that power that characterized him,” he added.

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