translated from Spanish: CDMX court denies protection to magistrate accused of violence

The magistrate president of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City (TSJCDMX), Rafael Guerra Alvarez, rejected the protection of Judge Manuel Horacio Cavazos López, who is legally denominated for sexual violence against his daughters of 5 and 7 years, without anything having happened in four months, as revealed on Thursday Animal Political.
Interviewed on the departure of a public event to which he accompanied the head of government, he said that the matter is not for them, even if the accused is a magistrate of the Second Specialized Chamber in the Execution of Criminal Judgments.
“Isn’t this magistrate being protected?” he was asked.
“Definitely not. It is an issue that is still, let us say, in the space of the Office of the Attorney General, of the current Public Prosecutor’s Office. From what it does to us, we still have no knowledge,” said Guerra Alvarez.
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This is despite the fact that last December he was sent a copy of a letter signed by more than 60 federal deputies calling for the case to be resolved impartially.
“We are waiting for the Prosecutor’s Office to resolve. We’re going to wait, I think they’ve given him some time, as far as I know, and that it be resolved at the Attorney General’s Office. Based on the decision you make, we will see,” he added.
For her part, head of government Claudia Sheinbaum, when questioned on the subject, said she did not know the case. It was pointed out that the letter of support from the Deputies was addressed to her and was sent from 10 December last.
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“Yes, nothing but I am not a prosecutor. Whoever has to check if there was a sex crime or not, it is not the head of government, it is the Attorney General’s Office, and that is where it has to be defined, according to all the evidence,” he said.
“I cannot define whether or not there was sexual abuse. I’m not the competent authority. We obviously condemn sexual abuse in all its forms, for girls and boys and for women. But the one who defines the responsibility in this case is not the head of government. In this case as in any other, eh. Of any allegation severing with sexual abuse, it is the Prosecutor’s Office that has to determine.”
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