translated from Spanish: Denie CCIN to Councilman Yanitzia Juárez, “there was no aggression from the National Guard”

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- The Nahuatzen Indigenous Citizen Council said that the National Guard did not assault the population of that municipality on January 14, as in its work it was only guarding the municipal president, Mayra Morales Morales.
This was disclosed by the President of the Citizen Council, María Guadalupe Irepan Jiménez, since she accused the senior councillor of the community, Yanitzia Juárez, of lying and confronting the population.

“She does nothing but confront the people, we were there too, she insisted her companions to assault.”

The chairwoman of the CCIN said that the conflict in the community that takes almost five years is because of disagreements between councillors, if the legitimacy disputed by the Councils, however and with papers in hand, said that both in courts, as the communal assembly has “let it be clear that the authority is us.”
On the events of past days, she mentioned that the followers of Yanitzia Juárez received the elements of the National Guard in a bullet, so on behalf of the Council and the inhabitants of the municipality, the representative demanded a halt to violence.

“The people of Nahuatzen no longer want violence.”

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