translated from Spanish: POI detains two suspects in damage to El Sol Metro station during social outburst

On Thursday, the Investigation Police (POI) confirmed the arrest of two people for damage to the El Sol Metro station in the commune of Maipú,
The events occurred last October, in one of the events that marked the beginning of the social outburst.
The director of the IDP, Héctor Espinosa, detailed that these are “two young men aged 18 and 22, perpetrators of qualified damage at the station”.
“These are complex investigations, they are long-term investigations. We must use a reconstructive methodology that means reconstructing what happened and being able to position these authors on the site of the event with the corresponding means of proof,” Espinosa said.
Also referred to this fact was the Under-Secretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, who said that there are “specific backgrounds of their participation in very serious crimes in which the Ministry of the Interior is a party, as a plain- against the State Security Act.”
“What clearly yields the preliminary background, is that there was preparation, there was incendiary elements, there was some kind of knowledge of where the security elements of the Metro station were and there was some intentionality of violating those security elements,” he said.

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