translated from Spanish: Sebastian Ubilla is in doubt at Santiago Wanderers for the debut with UC

National striker Sebastián Ubilla became in doubt at Santiago Wanderers for Sunday’s match against Universidad Católica, for the first date of the 2020 National Championship, presenting a physical nuisance. In the anteroom at the crossing with the Crusaders in Valparaiso, the coach of the Dean, Miguel Ramírez, revealed that the ‘Rabbit’ presents a “very strong contracture. We can’t talk about a tear, but I think if he’s not for this match before Catholic, he’ll be for the next one at the University of Concepción.” Ubilla suffered this injury in the January 18 friendly against Santiago Morning, after receiving a “knee in the thigh.” We’ll see if he’s in a position to count on him. In the player’s eagerness to want to be, he will always feel able to play, but I will take it easy knowing what Ubilla is, but if he is not, there will be another player who performs that role. I’m not going to rush,” added the stout strategist. In addition, Ramírez took time to highlight the work that the former University of Chile has done in its return to the club where it was formed and which it defended from 2008 to 2012.” I was surprised at the work you’ve done and the humility you’ve had to work. We’ve had 22 training sessions, five games played and he wanted to be in everyone,” he said. Regarding the premiere with the Crusaders, reigning two-time national football champions, who defended the UC as a player, he said that “it is a team that seeks a lot of possession and speed for the bands. I think speed and technical quality make UC a team that tries to surprise through orderly and fast movements and level play. There’s a reason he’s the champion.”

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