translated from Spanish: Sinaloa Government House Auctioned at 21 million pesos

Sinaloa.- Through yesterday’s electronic auction, the Institute for Return to the People of the Stolen, INDEP, (formerly the System of Administration and Disposal of Goods), sold the Government House of Sinaloa with a price of 21 million 300 thousand pesos. The INDEP has reported that the event achieved the sale of lot 10161, consisting of Casa Room and offices located in Calle Río Elota, marked with the number 17, east, in the Guadalupe colony in Culiacán.

The sale price was 21 million 300 thousand pesos, with a starting price of $21,295,418.00.This was the third attempt to sell this property, with a 25 percent discount from the sale price of the first attempt that had been for 28 million 393 thousand pesos.

Aspects of the corner of the house. Photo: Courtesy

The first inDEP auctions to offer the Government House were in the period from November 14 to December 04, 2019.It should be remembered that in May 2019, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel and Ricardo Rodríguez Vargas, head of the then Administration and Disposal of Goods (SAE), signed a collaboration agreement to make the auction carried out with transparency, in an agile and efficient way.

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