translated from Spanish: The education system doesn’t teach you to be happy

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- “Masters, mutant magical monsters” was the theme of the lecture given by Professor Clay González this afternoon in the audiovisual room of the UAdeO. The rapporteur emphasized the importance of the emotional in the daily work of the teaching-learning process.” As teachers if we transmit energy, sometimes we arrive with the batteries well laid but we have to infect the students. We have to learn to transmit energy,” he said.

He mentioned the following phrase to exemplify: the education system can teach you to read rivers, mountains, many formulas but it doesn’t teach you to be happy. “We have a problem. People believe less and less in education and personally we are working long hours and sometimes we don’t see the result.”

A good number of students and school staff attended the conference. / Photograph: Matías Rodríguez EL DEBATE

He urged teachers to be sensitive and also teach students to be happy as 54 of the students interviewed at a U.S. university said they had suicidal thoughts, so there is a high level of student dissatisfaction. He pointed out that in our country there are about 2 million 66 thousand teachers in the world but you do not see the power that should be had as trainers. “There are many teachers but not mentors,” he concluded.

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