translated from Spanish: World Economic Forum: Millionaires spread letter demanding tax increase to the wealthiest to “avoid a social revolt against them”

The international organization called “Patriotic Millionaires” took advantage of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, to publish a letter demanding “higher and fairer taxes on millionaires and billionaires in their own countries,” to “help prevent individual and corporate tax evasion through international reform” and also “prevent a possible social upheaving against them.”
According to Radio BioBio, the missive entitled “Millionaires against Rakes”, has been signed by at least 121 billionaires and millionaires from different parts of the world
“We ask this as members of the most privileged class of human beings who have ever set foot on Earth,” argues the letter, which further revealed that at least $8,000,000,000 are hidden in tax havens, equivalent to 10% of the Internal Product Gross (GDP) world.
The group notes that “extreme and destabilizing inequality is increasing around the world. Today, there are more billionaires on Earth than before, and they control more wealth than ever before. Meanwhile, the incomes of humanity’s poorest half remain virtually the same”
It is not the first time the group has asked for something similar, as on November 18, 2015, they went to the U.S. Congress to apply for higher taxes for the rich and an urgent increase in the minimum wage.

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