translated from Spanish: Arias key hour: Supreme Court will decide on Friday the removal of O’Higgins’ suspended regional prosecutor

O’Higgins’ suspended regional prosecutor, Emiliano Arias, is ad-ported to face a decisive time in his future as a member of the Public Prosecution Service. This Friday, the Supreme Court will hold a hearing that could end its removal. In the instance, each party will have time to make its claims.
Arias is in this situation, following the determination made in September last year by the National Prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, when he activated the removal process after adopting the suggestions made by the regional persecutor of Antofagasta, Alberto Ayala, who proposed its dismissal after an administrative summary.
The summary contemplated 5 counts against Arias: cybercrime and breach of secrecy. The influence traffic that was first imputed to it was ruled out.
Arias, in submitting his disclaimers to the Supreme, assured that the background presented, together with others, will account for “precisely the absolute lack of foundations, which will ultimately bring down the request for removal”.
There will be 14 Ministers of the Supreme Court who will hear the allegations of both parties. Marisol Peña will plead on behalf of the National Prosecutor’s Office for 45 minutes and Cristóbal Osorio will have half an hour to deploy Arias’ defense and convince the magistrates not to give the application a course.

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