translated from Spanish: Director of the Alameda Art Center filed a fire complaint and insists that accident bombs were caused by tear-gas

The director of the Alameda Art Center, Roser Fort, represented by attorney Juan Pablo Hermosilla, filed a complaint with the Seventh Guarantee Court of Santiago against those who are responsible for the in. establishment on 27 December last day.
The legal remedy presented responds to the director’s suspicions: “We are suspicious to say that what started the fire is tear bombs from Carabineros, but the purpose of this complaint is that it is investigated and determined who was responsible.”
The Third had access to the writing, which states that on 18 October there was “widespread chaos in Plaza Italia, including burning of banks and pharmacies. The following days there was a widespread overflow, so we made the decision to keep the Alameda Art Center closed until October 27. Since that day, despite the closure of all the buildings in our surroundings, we consider it relevant to stay present as a cultural space, opening the doors to different instances of reflection through lobbying and free film functions that invited dialogue. On the same day, a role was held in the documentary Lemebel, which was attended by more than 300 people, which confirmed our impression that there was an audience that wanted to continue watching contingent cinema.”
The brief also contends that a rescue brigade of the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) was installed at the entrance of the Alameda Art Center, where for a month and a half about 800 people were treated, many of them with eye trauma. 
They argue that since October, although the premises of the center of Santiago were burned down, “the Alameda Art Center never received attacks by the protesters, but continued to be recognized and respected as a space of cultural proposal”. They add that in the days of previous protests, “as a result of a heavy police crackdown, more than 70 tear-slating bombs from Carabineros fell on the roof of the building and more than 70 tear-slavery bombs coming from Carabineros.”
The legal action states that the fire “started, as several recordings show, on the south west side of the building, so, when they reached the roof, the workers failed to identify the point where the fire started, since the object that initiated the sinister fell into a firewall, falling out of his visual range. However, we felt that if the fire had been generated by a Molotov bomb, the expansion of the fire would have been notorious and rapid.”
The director of the Alameda Center notes in the document that since the social outburst began, she has observed “a certain encouragement by officials of Carabineros. It was they themselves who harass our workers and even the director.” He adds that in recent weeks “the fox of Carabineros has directed several tear-dog bombs inside the center, even loudly talking to us, ‘Matchbox’ or ‘one-eyed bird’. To date we continue to receive water with chemicals, pellets and tear-cells bouncing off the makeshift decks of our entrance.”
In the file, he asked to testify to the director general of Carabineros, Mario Rozas, and the mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Felipe Guevara.

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