translated from Spanish: Felipe Guevara after the impeachment’s approval against him: “Foolishness has prevailed”

Following the approval of the constitutional indictment against the Intendent of the Metropolitan Region, with 74 votes in favour, 71 against and an abstention, Felipe Guevara stated that “foolishness has prevailed”. The mayor stated that “this is a grossly unfair accusation, which has no legal basis, a constitutional indictment refers to a particular fact that can be adjudicated, which is not the case in this case.” The foolishness has prevailed, the arguments have not been heard, the evidence that my lawyers have bluntly developed in the context of this discussion today,” he added. Guevara for the time being was suspended from office as mayor and was asked if he is going to leave his position available to which he replied that “I have not thought of resigning, I think that person who has something to fear or something to hide , I have nothing to hide. I’ve been the first defendant to go personally to the House committee and make the arguments, I have nothing to hide.” We in the Senate are going to go step by step, first we de-let the previous issue, we answer the accusation, now we bring our arguments to the Chamber of Deputies and there will be time to develop the strategy that we will present in the Senate where my impression there will be more willingness to listen to the arguments and fail in conscience as the law says,” he closed. It should be noted that after the approval the impeachment was dispatched to the Senate where the vote would be voted on February 3.


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