translated from Spanish: Maya Train: AMLO committed not to harm heritage and nature

Mexico.- With the construction of the Megaobra of the Tren Maya, the enormous public work with which Andrés Manuel López Obrador hopes to attract investment and increase the flow to the region by incentivizing the economy through ecotourism, the President has also committed himself to preserve not only the environment but also the archaeological art of the region. The representative was questioned that economic interest could affect archaeological heritage and damage the biodiversity of the region. Padre Tembleque’s Aqueduct area infested with foreign mines
As an example, it was proposed that in the State of Mexico the Aqueduct of Father Tembleque, which was declared in 2015 as a universal heritage of humanity by UNESCO. However, it was commented at the morning conference that a Spanish company is exploiting mines on the lands of that area, which could affect infrastructure with historical value.

This has raised doubts about how the government will keep the area where the Maya Train will pass, beyond the investment it will leave in the country. The President has reiterated his commitment to Mexico’s historical and natural heritage. “Of course we have to take care of our historical and natural heritage, that can’t become a commodity, that’s beyond economic interest.”
There is no mine that is above, worth more than health or that the cultural, artistic heritage of our people, we are in favor of sustainable development (…) It’s not growing up

López Obrador said, who pointed out that his administration is not neoliberal which he considered permissive about environmental damage. Spanish companies were favorites
“We no longer want that, fortunately it has been understood, there are no favorite companies in a sex-ennium were favorite Spanish companies, Repsol, I say this here because they did juicy business, under the protection of the government, by influence, in the six-year apsado another OHL also from Spain.” Eventually he declared favoritism and influence with the private sector extitorism, he said that no Spanish, Japanese, American, Chinese or Mexican company will be exempt from complying with the law.

That is why nature is protected, in the case of archaeological areas the INAH is doing very good work, Diego Prieto the director of THE INAH, is an honorable man, a people prepared straight honest with convictions, with principles, has all my support, all my backing up, all my confidence

He added that there was no cause for concern and invited to report irregularities, “because Mexico’s cultural heritage will not be affected,” he concluded.

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