translated from Spanish: Victor Zavala points out to Cristóbal Arias to meddle in section XVIII of the CNTE

Celic Mendoza
The leader of section XVIII of the CNTE pointed directly to Senator Cristóbal Arias of managing the shock group that took over the trade union facilities and who was unaware of the current leadership.
In interview after leading a march that departed from Xangari to the premises of section XVIII of the CNTE, Zavala Hurtado instructed those in the facilities to retire and allow the plenary to be carried out.
In this sense, he noted that the people inside were in a state of violence and that most of them are not part of the Magisterium, “there is a group of beatings with pay, people with military training and police. We do not doubt the hand of government as we said on the Social Civic Front try to have unions in their own way.”
He explained that for the change of leadership, the entire commission respecting all the instances of the movement is the general coordination, the organization and the 22 elected, “in that sense we are going to set up the plenary so that these structures that we have given movement have to be fully installed.”

He noted that the urgency was to move forward in this installation and change of sectional committee and therefore they would make known its call and subsequently the defined process.

“They know the procedures no one is being deceived, the problem is ignorance of the instances,” he said.

Therefore, they decided to retire to avoid a physical clash and pointed out that in alternate headquarters they will present the complete call for the corresponding full of the bases, so that the communication channels were opened at par.
They did not rule out carrying out the corresponding criminal complaints, as it ensured that the differences were settled with the dialogue and not with blows.

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