translated from Spanish: Actress Nicole Block reappears after undergoing treatment for eating disorders

The national actress Nicole Block recounted her experience after overcoming the eating disorders she suffered from a young age. The treatment was carried out in the United States. «I’m sorry I wasn’t around for quite some time with you but I was super sick, I really appreciate that despite my inactivity you still be with me,» he wrote in the first post after 5 months on his account Instagram.La 30-year-old artist said that touched rock bottom with anorexia and bulimia, which led her to ask for help. «I got to a point where if he didn’t treat me anymore, he could die,» he confessed to Lun. Block moved to the United States in 2018 with her then-husband, with the idea of learning English and «trying his luck,» but his health – both physical and psychological – began to get worse. That’s how she decided to enter a center called Rosewood, located in Santa Monica.Nicole, told how the last four months she was interned there and that today she considers her current moment to be the «happiest» of her life. He also recounted that his experience with disorders began at about age 15. The actress recounted that when she was in the TV series «Quiet Dad» she weighed 40 kilos. «It’s the lowest weight I’ve ever had. I was so skinny I couldn’t find panties, I bought as a little girl because the size S was too big for me,» she confessed. «I fainted a lot. It never happened to me on recordings because I wasn’t stupid either and worried about eating a slice of pineapple or something else to survive,» she said. Her worst moment with bulimia, which was just before she interned, vomited up to 20 times a day. «I’ve been eating with Chinese sticks since I was 10. I always did because it forces you to eat slower. You sting things very small because that’s how it’s easier to throw up afterwards.» The colorina returned to Chile separated from Juan Cristóbal Meza, son of actress Delfina Guzmán, after almost two years of marriage. «I realized that our interests were not the same and that we actually had a lot of age difference (he’s 29 years older than her). Also different energies. I realized the relationship wasn’t working and we split up. Maybe I was looking for the dad I never had. One feels protected and thinks here I stay,» she said.

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