translated from Spanish: «Let Chile Decide» together with the Broad Front began campaigning on the ground for a new Constitution

With information and communication in different regions of the country, in addition to training workshops for facilitators of the constituent process, this weekend the Broad Front and the citizen platform that Chile Decides, started the campaign in by the plebiscite for a new Constitution. In Calama, for example, there was a day of steering and information in which the Deputy and President of the Democratic Revolution, Catalina Pérez, was present. There were also activities in other communes of Chile, as in the city, where the deputy of Social Convergence was present, Gonzalo Winter.De this form the income of the Broad Front to Which Chile Decides, a programmatic and citizen platform that seeks to unite various initiatives in favor of a new Constitution, including some such as ‘Mark Your Vote’ and ‘Socialist Platform’. On the beginning of this joint work, the leader of the conglomerate, Beatriz Sánchez, stated that «this is the time when political parties have to take seriously the service of all Chileans and Chileans, as it always should have been. And that is precisely what we will do since Chile Decides together with the entire Broad Front.» In the same vein Catalina Pérez commented that «the Plebiscite of April is a historical process that requires unity, and to achieve a new truly democratic Constitution is key work together with civil society organizations». «We believe that the legitimacy of this process is played by working with people coming from different sides, and that’s why we are very happy to enter Que Chile Decide, to try to mobilize and activate as many Chileans as possible,» Luis added Felipe Ramos, president of the Liberal Party.For his part, the president of Comunes, Javiera Toro, emphasized that the new Constitution «is not only a role, but an opportunity to secure rights for all and not business for the few». He added that «on April 26we will decide to end the country of dictatorship, which has been extended for 30 years, and we will begin to write a new democratic history.» On parity, reserved seats and participation of independents, topics that have taken the debate about the eventual convention, said the president of Social Convergence, Gael Yeomans: «We are 51% of society and we must be represented in a way Equal. Having seats for indigenous peoples and space for independents is necessary to live up to this deep yearning and respond to citizens with more democracy.»

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