translated from Spanish: Students prohibit graduate for using dreadlocks in Texas

America — A teenager from Texas, USA, could miss out on his graduation ceremony after the school he belongs to for using dreadlocks, so he is now forced to cut his hair. DeAndre Arnold, 18, received an indefinite suspension from Barbers Hill High School until she changed the style of her hair. However, the young man refused due to religious issues.

It is worth mentioning that DeAndre’s father, of Trinidadian descent, and often the men in his family let their dreadlocks grow beyond the hip.

A Black teen in Texas was suspended and won’t be able to walk at graduation bc his school says his dreadlocks are too long. DeAndre Arnold’s mother told @FOX26Houston his hair “is a part of his culture, his dad is a Trinidadian… how can I put him in a barber chair.” [��Fox 26] — AJ+ (@ajplus)
January 22, 2020

The case has generated considerable controversy and in the face of the situation various organizations and netizens have shown their support for the young man. Even the NFL professional player, Deandre Hopkins, who shares the student’s name, showed his support through his official Twitter account. 

Never cut your locks Deandre Arnold. — Deandre Hopkins (@DeAndreHopkins)
January 22, 2020

Never cut your Deandre Arnold dreadlocks”

So far the school has held firm its policy, which prohibits its male students from wearing long hair. Arnold’s parents think about changing their child’s high school so he can continue his studies.

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