translated from Spanish: Walk for Peace pauses for cultural events

The Walk for Truth, Justice and Peace performs a cultural event at the gates of Chapultepec, where he paused to depart tomorrow at its end point: National Palace.
«This pause is a call in our walk towards Mexico City so that the country will hear the sense of a proposal for justice, of a correct state policy that really draws a line and the serious map towards peace,» Javier Sicilia said during his speech.
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The march, which aims to walk to Palacio Nacional to make the situation of thousands of people in the country affected by violence and enforced disappearances, came out of a near point to the town of Tres Marias, in Morelos and arrived in Mexico City on Friday.
The caravan was summoned by the poet and activist Javier Sicilia, who lost his son in 2011 at the hands of organized crime, and supported by members of the LeBarón family, who last November suffered the loss of nine members after an ambush in Bavispe, in the state of Sonora.
Civil and family organizations in search of their missing also joined the walk
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After López Obrador said he would not receive the Walk for Peace because he had to protect his presidential endowment and did not want to do «a show,» Sicily assured that they have already complied.
«We comply, if you have any jokes, if this seems like a show, then explain it. We simply say that the horror of the country, blood, violence, is not a show and the presidential endowment is not to keep it in an urn, it is for it to take on the whole nation and all the suffering of the most desperate who are the victims and the whole nation because their suffering is the suffering of the whole nation,» he said.
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The cultural event includes poets, writers and musicians, as well as relatives of victims who will give their testimonies.

«All of us here, we are in favor of the profound transformation of Mexico,» says actor Daniel Giménez Cacho at the beginning of the cultural act «Where are they?» as part of the #CaminataPorLaPaz.
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