translated from Spanish: The Coin tries to plug its holes in Guevara’s defense and insists that the motivation of the opposition is to cause harm to the Government

The Currency failed to save Mayor Guevara and the Chamber of Deputies this week passed the constitutional charge against regional authority because of its police strategy. Today the Minister of the Interior, Gonzalo Blumel, referred to the libel and, in conversation with TVN’s National State program, stated that with this action «the only objective is to cause political damage to the government». «What they don’t realize is that the damage done is to the neighbors of Plaza Italia and the country who want public order to be guarded,» he added. The secretary of state noted that «what happened with the constitutional indictment constitutes a flagrant breach (of the opposition) to the peace agreement and the new Constitution that everyone cross-cuttingly celebrated.» In Blumel’s view, the accusation «is unfair and that the defense (in Congress) managed to establish it quite well.» With the Opolitan-approved indictment in the Chamber of Deputies, now the Senate is the key to The Currency, where the government will put all its chips so that the indictment does not succeed and thus «save» the mayor. The Interior holder stated that «the opposition is the one who will make the decision on how it will proceed, if it acts in justice and on the basis of arguments, it has to be rejected». The minister stressed that in the opposition they should be «able to weigh arguments and also be able to balance the effects and consequences that a decision can produce not only unfair but so wrong». Asked for the possibility that a constitutional indictment could fall against him, as happened as his predecessor Andrés Chadwick, Blumel said that «all the decisions we make are by conviction, based on the powers given to us by law and mandate given to us by the President. The threat or non-threat of a constitutional indictment is not a factor, either in my case, or in the case of the mayors or the rest of the authorities of the country,» he said. Finally, Blumel criticized the tribute to people of the so-called «first line» forum to the DDs. HH, ensuring that it is «regrettable and absolutely repudiable.» «The congressional authorities must take appropriate action to prevent these events from happening again,» he concluded.

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