translated from Spanish: The most refreshing beer styles to tackle the heat waves in the summer

High temperatures have been felt in our country and it is necessary to find a source of hydration to help withstand inclement weather. That’s why for beer lovers, here the best styles to enjoy in summer. SaisonsTal as his name says, «season.» It originated in the cottages of Belgium, where it was elaborated and stored during the winter, and then consumed by farm workers in the summer season. It is characterized by its high carbonation, pale malts, a slight taste of hops and hints of fruit and spices. Lager / PilsnerInside the lager family the Pils type is one of the most popular during the summer, as it is a very light and easy beer to drink, with great balance between its hops and malts. There are several ways to prepare it.  For example, in the south of our country, Kunstmann’s Valdivians produce a seasonal specialty called Sommer Pils, which are only available during these months. They prepare it with soft local water and ingredients that give it citrus touches, inspired by the sunny afternoons and good weather by the river, with which they seek to refresh and decrease the feeling of thirst caused by the heat. IPA / Session IPARobust and marked suit hops. According to the most knowledgeable in the subject, IPAs are among the best styles of craft beers for the summer. However, its high intensity and sometimes high alcoholic strength does not qualify it as ideal for freshening. Therefore, the Session IPA variant is suitable for those who want to lower the feeling of heat and, at the same time, enjoy the bitterness, since it highlights the hops as an IPA, but with a lower degree of alcohol. WitbiersLike saisons also comes from Belgium, only this one highlights yeasts, malts and added species such as coriander seeds or orange peels above hops. They are pale and fresh in appearance, from the use of unmalted wheat, and high level of carbonation. It contains light orange touches, which give it a sweet, refreshing taste, dreamed up for a summer afternoon. Pale LagerÉste is a popular low fermentation style. They are much more neutral beers where none of their ingredients have prominence over another. Their average level of bitterness and low alcohol content give it a great refreshing capacity when taken very cold.

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