translated from Spanish: The truth behind the photo of «mother and son handing out food on foot»

Mexico City.- After the photo of «mother and son handing out food on foot» went viral, one of the social media users undertook a search to locate them and offer them support. Thanks to this action, the woman in the image was identified and reveals the truth of it. The original publication was made on Friday, January 17, by a user, identified as Alan Calderón.  The next day Dennise Dunn Romero republished the same image in order to locate the protagonists and offer them support.

Soon Nancy Os appeared, as she calls herself on social media, who was tagged in such posts by friends who identified her as the woman in the photo. Nancy revealed that the youngest who appears taking his hand is not his son, but his nephew whom he cares for from time to time while he works. She also revealed herself to be the mother of a girl and, as the image shows, to be a delivery girl for Uber Eats.
«Hi I’m the one in the photo and because it hurts that you judge without knowing I tell you a little he’s my nephew sometimes I take care of him as it is that case and sometimes I take my daughter I take them CASI MORE WEEKENDS OF WEEK , BUT BECAUSE IT IS MUCH RISK FOR THEM AS for ME !!!!,» she said. In addition to mother, aunt and worker, she promotes respect for the analymes and is an enemy of the abuse of dogs. Through social media it promotes the generation of awareness and sensitivity towards this problem. Response
Once Nancy was identified Dennise Dunn contacted her to give her a bike. However this was not possible, because someone else came forward and gave him something better.

«… today a guy we will call «Arturo» has changed for the better my plans of the bicycle for Nancy since he will give her a MOTORCYCLE and that is much better for her, I am a faithful believer of empathy and I only have to tell each of you that social networks have me surprised and may God the father return the blessings they send me without even knowing me (sic),» he concluded.

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