translated from Spanish: Woman taxi driver punches passenger for vomiting inside car

Bogota, Colombia– A female taxi driver dragged a passenger out of the unit to beat her for throwing up in her car and refusing to pay the cleaning costs, according to local media. The incident occurred during the early hours of Friday, January 24, on a busy road in the city of Bogota. Where witnesses, mostly taxi drivers, refrained from intervening, even though the victim was asking for help.

When the police in the area became aware of the events, they separated the women and told the passenger, whose name was not revealed, that she had to pay for the cleaning of the unit or end the service. She told them that she had paid for the trip in advance and intended to clean the car upon arriving at her destination. It should be noted that due to the presence of other drivers who remained viewers, the other witnesses only limited to recording the aggression that already went viral on social media.

At this time there is a quarrel on Avenida Cra 19 with Calle 116 in the north of Bogotá, the passenger refused to pay for the taxi wash and was forcibly lowered. — Juan Manuel Vargas O (@Pilotoestereo)
January 24, 2020

A local radio show interviewed the woman who was beaten to learn of her version of events, she accepted her share of responsibility but noted that she did not deserve the treatment she received.
«I accepted that I made a mistake, but it is also unfair to me the way I was treated and the police did nothing. I shouldn’t have been assaulted like that,» he said.

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