translated from Spanish: AMLO says NGOs and activists only claim their government for violence

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized organizations and activists who, in his opinion, were silent with previous governments and are now coming out to speak out against the violence and insecurity that is being experienced in the country.
Without giving names, the president pointed out many of the individuals and groups that are now required to address the levels of insecurity and violence did not do so with the presidents who preceded him, even though they were the ones who made the decision to deal with insecurity with the use of force.
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«They have amnesia and they start to see it. How so far are they opening their eyes, since we arrived. They kept quiet, those who now shout like preachers fell silent as mummies (…) no more hypocrisy, it was masks,» he said.
According to the president, relatives of victims of violence who now manifest theday have never questioned former President Felipe Calderón, «nor are they asking for a thorough investigation as the former Secretary of Public Security (Genaro García Luna) was involved with crime.»
This last statement is not entirely certain, since in his opening speech, in the roundabout of the Dove of Peace of Cuernavaca, Javier Sicilia expressed a few words alluding to the case of García Luna:
«Mexico is on fire its waterlogged roads of blood and pits its institutions co-opted by networks of political complicity, economic with crime, the cases of Genaro García Luna, Javier Duarte, Emilio Lozoya, Chapo Guzman, La Estafa Maestra, among many others are just the tip of the iceberg that allows us to look at its abyssal depth that is measured in hundreds of thousands of murdered and disappeared, in hundreds of thousands of violent and murdered women».
Demonstrators will be heard and respected
López Obrador said he respected the relatives and opponents who manifest themselves, especially when dealing with relatives of victims of violence, but clarified that they too will make the use of the right of reply when they believe it necessary.
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«About the confrontation that took place in the Zocalo and which fortunately did not go any further, because it has to do with the differences that exist. It certainly doesn’t belong to us, we don’t encourage that,» he added.
The president said that his government does not encourage such events and that despite what happened, an entourage of the Peace Walk entered the National Palace where he handed over a document and a study on violence in the country to his security cabinet.
López Obrador recalled that, as he explained a few days ago, he did not receive the group headed by Sicily and LeBarón to avoid conflict situations «in which I have to be directly involved».
This Sunday, on his arrival at the Zocalo capitalino, the caravan summoned by the activists Julián LeBarón and Javier Sicilia was met with verbal assaults by a group of alleged supporters of López Obrador, who unsuccessfully tried to prevent the contingent from reaching the installed temple and meeting with the federal authorities in Palacio Nacional.
The caravan members did not respond to the aggressions and said their only purpose was to be heard by the authorities without falling or generating political conflicts.
Once the Security Cabinet received the proposal document at Palacio Nacional, Javier Sicilia ended the four-day Walk for Peace and left the state of Morelos.
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