translated from Spanish: Government confirmed that 68 people were detained nationally after day of demonstrations in the surrender of PSU

The undersecretary of the interior, Juan Francisco Galli, stated that 68 people were arrested nationally after demonstrations during the surrender of Mathematics and Language. For his part, the Vice-President of the Council of Rectors of Universities, Aldo Valle, took stock of the day as part of the surrender of the PSU of Language, where he assured that «100% of the premises considered were able to carry out their objective». However, Valle reported that «only in some cases were incidents observed that did not result in any partial suspension, let alone total compared to the use of each of these premises.» So for the 69,978 students enrolled in the status of enabled for this second application of the Language test, all those who attended were in a condition of taking this test,» he added. In addition, the vice president of the CRUCh called the day of the Language test «satisfactory» and stated that «we hope that for the same tomorrow, with regard to the science test we will also have the same performance». For his part, the Under-Secretary of the Interior stated that in the afternoon all security protocols that were agreed between demre, CRUCh and the Government were implemented. «There were 68 people in detention, but it did not mean the interruption of any of the headquarters in the surrender of the test,» Galli reported.

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